Short term furnished apartments in Johannesburg – what’s the hype?

There are always trends in the rental property market and South Africa’s accommodation industry is no different. In the past, renters would have to sign six month – 1 year leases if they were looking for a place to stay in metropolitan areas such as Johannesburg. Thanks to a rising demand for short term furnished apartments, this has all changed.

Everyone from property developers to real estate agents and guest house owners has picked up on the trend of providing more convenient short term accommodation options. With so many renters looking for a place to stay while the move homes, work on a project in a new city or are busy relocating to Johannesburg, the market for short term furnished apartments continue to boom.

This trend started overseas in areas like New York City and London, where urbanisation and a rising population meant that the city was quickly running out of space. Many millennials and baby boomers also don’t want to invest in property (or even sign a long-term lease) if they aren’t 100% sure that they’re going to be staying in the city for a very long time.

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