Business self-catering accommodation: the homey alternative

Looking for an affordable and homey alternative to hotels?

Then book your stay at Moonflower Cottages.

Our luxury cottages are not only cost-effective for business travelers, but they are conveniently located in the center of the following trendy suburbs of Johannesburg, Rosebank, Craighall, Parkhurst, Greenside, Linden and Randburg, giving you quick access to main routes and highways in Johannesburg.

Here are a few benefits of booking your stay at Moonflower:

  • Space: People often end up living out of their suitcases when they book a hotel room. At Moonflower Cottages, you will have more than enough closet space and room in the cottage. Whether you want to whip out your yoga mat or set up a mini-office, there’s enough space for you to do this
  • Ideal for any type of guest: Business self-catering accommodation isn’t only ideal for people who are visiting Johannesburg on business. If you’re relocating to the city, looking to visit friends in the area or simply want a ‘base camp’ for a family trip to Gauteng, then our accommodation is ideal for you.
  • Fully stocked facilities: We’ve got everything from WiFi and optional laundry/cleaning services to a swimming pool and fully equipped kitchens in each of our cottages.
  • Privacy: With self-catering accommodation, you won’t be disrupted by room service, concierges or bellhops. You can go about your daily business without any interruptions.
  • Cost: Furnished self-catering apartments give you everything you would want from your accommodation at a fraction of the cost. When compared to hotels and guesthouses in Johannesburg, Moonflower Cottages is definitely the more affordable solution.

For more information about our self-catering accommodation, contact us today.

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