Enjoy a relaxing getaway with furnished cottages in Victory Park

When taking a break and going away for some rest and relaxation, the last thing you want is stress. More often than not, this ends up the case as many accommodation facilities do not meet the standards of those who wish to book them. In Victory Park, Johannesburg, you can be rest assured that Moonflower Cottages will cater to your expectations with beautifully furnished cottages.
There is an executive cottage for those who require more space. This is a double story cottage and has a fantastic aura about it. Situated near a beautifully manicured garden and a sparkling pool, the aesthetics are quite pleasing and will be a pleasure to bask in.
This cottage is not just a pretty face, it also is functional, with all the requirements for a comfortable stay including top furnishings, appliances, crockery, a heater, fan and a host of other features.
The other Moonflower garden cottages are cosy and have all the bells and whistles needed for a comfortable stay just like the executive cottage. Why should you pay hotel prices when you can get a cosy home feel at a fraction of the rates?
What makes Moonflowers furnished cottages the ideal choice is the fact that it is home away from home. Even though you may be on holiday or business and want to forget about everything else, you will appreciate the little pleasures that only a homely environment can offer, because of the ambiance our cottages provide.
Situated in a safe and quiet part of northern Johannesburg, it gives you peace of mind that your stay will be uninterrupted. Whether it be for quiet time, business, a romantic getaway or a short term stay, contact Moonflower Cottages today and find out more.

Self catering for single travelers.

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Benefits of self catering at Moonflower Cottages in Victory Park

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