Short term furnished apartments in johannesburg

If you are looking for a short term furnished apartment, Moonflower Cottages are for you!

So you are new to the area and need a place to stay in the interim whilst looking for permanent residence? Moonflower Cottages in Victory Park, Johannesburg, have fully furnished apartments that are ideal for those who seek temporary accommodation.

Whether you have relocated for work or need to get away from your home due to renovations, we have apartments that will make you feel right at home. With spacious, tranquil and quality furnishings at a cost effective price, there is no need for you to pay exorbitant rental fees or hotel prices.

The great thing about staying in a fully furnished apartment is that while seeking permanent residence, you are not accumulating too many items, because you will have all the bare essentials. This means when you are the move again, you can travel light without having to worry about hiring a removal truck.

Moonflower Cottages offers apartments in the vibrant, yet peaceful part of Johannesburg. The apartments are safe and secure, with peace and serenity being the atmosphere that is most dominant. However, the area is bustling with amenities and every so often you may see a family taking a stroll or a child riding their bicycle around the neighbourhood.

Generally when people want to stay for a short term, it means that they are either relocating or are looking at their next space as more permanent. Often they are concerned if it is worth their while to move in temporarily to an area as they will be travelling often for work or studies. You will be glad to know that Victory Park is close to the M1 and N1 motorway and that these can be accessed easily for travelling routes.

As it is, moving is one of the more stressful events in life that one experiences, avoid adding to this, by getting a furnished apartment where you can just move in and settle. Contact Moonflower Cottages today and find out more about our short term cottages.

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