Need accommodation while on business in Johannesburg? Try our beautiful self-catering cottages

Welcome to Johannesburg!The city of Gold.Unfortunately when looking for accommodation during a business trip, it is much like looking for gold. Either prices are way too high, the areas are far out from where you need to be or you get accommodation that does not feel as warm as inviting as you expect.
Nestled away in Victory Park, Moonflower Cottages offers those who are staying in Johannesburg for business the opportunity to reside in a comfortable setting, while in a safe environment that doesn’t cost the amount that other cottages and hotels around the area do.
Moonflower cottages are not only for those who are on business per say, but also for those who do business and need time out to work independently and productively. Our fully furnished luxury cottages create the ambiance of a home away from home.
Why should you consider us for your next stay?
You will feel right at home- Because we take pride in our executive cottages, we ensure that you have accommodation that makes you as comfortable as you would be at home. Let’s put it this way, you will never feel short of anything.
Close to all amenities- There is the Victory Park shopping center and many other great little hideaways near Moonflower Cottages. After a long day in meetings, conference or stressing about closing deals, you can relax at the many bars and restaurants and enjoy a sun downer.
Space and comfort- The worst thing about going away on business is being confined to a small room while you are away. Moonflower Cottages have spacious apartments that give you room to be free in your own place after a stressful day.
Productivity- It is such a tranquil environment and with the WIFI facility available, there is little doubt that you will be able to get work done from your cottage without any disturbances.
For great service, beautiful accommodation and a cost effective rate in Johannesburg, contact Moonflower Cottages today and make your next business stay a memorable one.

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