Short term furnished apartments: when you need to book one

When traveling to Johannesburg, there are many different accommodation options including hotels, resorts, boutique guesthouses and short term furnished apartments. Everyone’s needs and individual style are different, but there are a few instances when short term furnished apartments are a great option to choose:

Work projects

If you’re coming to Johannesburg for work, then a furnished apartment is a great option. Not only are furnished apartment rentals more cost-effective than hotels and resorts, but they often offer business services such as internet access so that you can get your work done after hours.

Traveling with friends

Traveling in a group is a great experience, but you often have to keep different travel budgets in mind. Backpacker’s accommodation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and individual rooms in hotels can be expensive. A furnished apartment will let you double up with friends, save money and have more real living space than other alternatives.

Traveling with family

It’s not always easy to travel with small kids, aging parents, in-laws or other family members. Booking a few furnished apartments that are next to each other on the same property gives everyone enough breathing space while simultaneously ensuring that everyone is still in the same place at the same time.

Redecorating your house

Redecorating a home is fun, but witnessing everything from the paint jobs to the tiling under construction can be very stressful. Instead of living amongst the rubble, rather look for a short term furnished apartment rental for you and your family.

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