The benefits of booking business self-catering accommodation in Joburg

Traveling isn’t always about spending time with friends and family or lazing on a beach. Many of us need to travel for work, which means that we inevitably need to book business self-catering accommodation. Here are a few of the benefits of booking business self-catering accommodation as opposed to hotels:


It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to sit in a restaurant or shopping centre after a full day of work. With self-catering accommodation, you can grab a meal and take it home (and then enjoy the meal in real living space instead of a cramped room).


Most business self-catering accommodation will come with a remote control access tag or card so that you can come and go as you please. You also don’t have to let anyone know if you’re going to be back late, eat breakfast elsewhere or any other type of arrangement that would need to be discussed with hotel staff.


When you book your business self-catering accommodation at Moonflower Cottages, you will have access to a garden, swimming pool and more private space than a hotel can offer.

Moonflower Cottages offer a number of options to people looking for business self-catering accommodation in Johannesburg:

  • Executive cottage – Single: R750.00, Sharing R500.00 pppn
  • Cottage One – Single: R650.00, Sharing R400.00 pppn
  • Cottage Two – R650.00, Sharing R400.00 pppn
  • Cottage Three – R650.00, Sharing R400.00 pppn
  • Studio – R650.00, Sharing R400.00 pppn

We are conveniently located near Victory Park shopping centre and very close to Parkhurst, giving you quick, easy access to all the main roads, attractions and many office parks. For more information about our self-catering accommodation, contact us today.

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