Things to do in Johannesburg

When you decide to stay a night or a few nights at Moonflower Cottages in Victory Park Johannesburg, you will be able to do and see many exciting things in Johannesburg.

Victory Park is a beautiful suburb that is really well established in that the streets are lined with old trees. This is no surprise considering that Johannesburg is the largest man-made forest in the world. Especially in autumn it is extremely beautiful. The streets are covered in a blanket of red and orange leaves.

There are many attractions in and around our neighborhood.

Around the corner you will find the Delta Park Bird Sanctuary. I have personally seen a few Barn Owls on a casual drive through the park. One can take a leisurely walk or ride a mountain bike around.

Cresta Shopping Centre was once the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere. With the rate of centres being built I cannot be 100 % sure anymore. However, there are hundreds of shops that are willing to help you shop till you drop. From clothing boutiques, supermarkets, electronics, curio’s and antique shops for those ‘special’ finds. For entertainment there is the ‘Barnyard Theatre’ a number of excellent cinema’s close by as well as parks, golf courses and lakes.  There are plenty of restaurants and take outs to suit every choice.

Northcliff hill can be seen from most places around Johannesburg. There is large water tower on top of it.

The Botanical Gardens is a great venue for a Sunday afternoon. In winter time they are proud to have the Black Vulture looking after her eggs. On a clear day and a good pair of binoculars one will be able to the nest on the top of a cliff edge of the mountain. They have a tea garden there and on public holidays they have live music.

Zoo Lake is a popular place to take the kids and pets for a stroll around the lake and perhaps even hire a rowboat for an hour or two. There is an abundance of bird life around the lake too and don’t forget to take some old bread to feed the ducks.

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